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Healing ourselves and transforming this paradigm.

I see you as the expert on you, and my role as an expert in healing.  I want our relationship to feel collaborative with your goals for therapy keeping the focus.  Part of a therapist's job is to see things about you that you don't see and guide you to a greater awareness with empathy and steadiness. 

Three lenses  inform my perspective of  how we are hurt and how we heal: attachment theory, brain/body awareness and understanding, our current and changing paradigm. 

Attachment theory is about how our behaviors are shaped by our early relationship with our caregivers and play out in our current relationships. 

Understanding how trauma affects our brains and behaviors decreases the shame about how we struggle.  We have been taught to listen to our thoughts over our body to guide us through life but our bodies are constantly giving us information that we can trust.  It takes time to connect with those sensations and understand what they are telling us. 

The paradigm we live in is based in patriarchy, white supremacist delusion, colonialism and capitalism.  Strengthening our awareness of how this plays out in each of us and healing the intergenerational trauma that comes with it is key to a shift into a new paradigm.

Experiential therapies:

  • Art Therapy - a tool of expression and healing. Externalizing overwhelming thoughts and feelings creates an image or object that provides insight and a sense of control.

  • Attachment Focused EMDR - Highly effective in healing trauma that you can name as a distinct incident - that could be relational trauma that occurred repeatedly or a one time incident.

  • Brainspotting - Our eyes are our brain on the outside of our head.  Where you look connects with different parts of our brains and affects how we feel.  Holding a gaze in a certain place allows focus for our brain to make the connections it needs in order to heal. 

  • Parts work (IFS) - "Part of me thinks..." Exploring these parts in depth and connecting them to Self (the core of each of us that is inherently compassionate, curious, calm, etc.) is a beautiful way to heal and transform parts of us that try to protect us but often get in the way. 


I work with teens, adults, all gender and sexual identities, race and class identities.

"The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love, and to be greater than our suffering."

- Ben Okri

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