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Where to Start


Since connection is the basis of good therapy, I offer a free 30 minute consultation to see if we are a good fit.  We can do this over the phone or in person at my office. This time is for you to explore the space, get a sense of my approach to therapy, briefly learn about art therapy and EMDR, and tell me what brings you to therapy.  We won't delve into any details at this time, just get a sense of if I am a good match for what you are needing. 



If we decide to work together, we will discuss cost, insurance, expectations around money so that it is clear from the beginning.  See the Cost page for that information.


In order for therapy to be safe and effective there are ethical guidelines and federal laws that protect you not only while you are in therapy, but after your sessions end as well. The paperwork you sign ensures your protection and that I am following the laws and guidelines of Oregon and the federal government.  I will provide you with this paperwork at the consultation session or you can download and print out paperwork here to have ready for the first session when we review it together.

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