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About Jenny


I have worked as a therapist for 10 years, with 6 of those years in private practice.  As a therapist and previously, I have worked with children, teens, families, and couples with a wide variety of needs, challenges, ethnicities, and backgrounds.  I am a registered art therapist (ATR), a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), have a Bachelor’s in Social Work from Missouri University and a Masters in Counseling Art Therapy (MA) from Marylhurst University.  I completed EMDR basic training through the Parnell Institute and specialize in attachment-focused EMDR.


As an Art Therapist

Art has been an important part of my life and has provided much joy and solace.  It is an honor to witness art as a tool of expression and healing.  I enjoy making art and use lots of different media. Currently I'm excited about drawing and improving my drawing skills.


As a Social Justice Seeker

I grew up in a community of people dedicated to social justice.  I also grew up with a lot of intersectional privilge, of which I was made aware at a young age.  My parents instilled in me the importance and joy of using my privilege to work toward a more just world.  Since I was a child I have been a volunteer, activist, organizer, and artist.

My activism has included organizing and participating in rallies and educational events, working to end homelessness, racism, environmental destruction, advocating for Native rights, equality for women, LGBTQ rights, and youth empowerment.  

I have done service work all my life in one form or another in the US and abroad.  

One of my more recent and favorite forms of activism is through art.  I am currently working on a book and posters called The ABC’s of Revolution. 

Through self-reflection, therapy, education, and being with people different from myself, I continue the growth of overcoming what gets in my way of loving and connecting with all people.  


My Style

Trust is essential to all relationships and in therapy it is nurtured by confidentiality and a non-judgmental environment.  I let the process guide us and provide structure through a focus on your goals.  We work collaboratively.  You offer what you know about yourself and what you are willing to do to make changes.  I offer understanding about how humans heal, tools to help you get there, and seeing aspects of yourself that you don't.  I will challenge you to sit with uncomfortable feelings (that's part of how humans heal), think in new ways, and practice behaviors that you want to take into the world.  I make sure our relationship is healthy and safe through acceptance, healthy communication, and good boundaries.

The Brain

Neuroscience is quickly becoming the basis of psychology.  I stay updated on new information about how our brain works in terms of emotions, trauma, and healing and use this information often in therapy.  I find that clients love learning about their brains and the solidity of the information is something we can both lean on in the work we do together. Even better, we get successful results.


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